2007/9/25, Yves Guillemot <yc.guillemot@wanadoo.fr>:
On Tuesday 25 September 2007 08:46, Heikki Johannes Junes wrote:
> Should there be the option to print the transposition of the instrument?
> Then you would not write "F-clarinet", but "Clarinet" and "in F" or "in Bb"
> could be added then automatically.

That's a good idea.
But can we assume that track name always is the instrument name ?

Generally not. But in small pieces that is the case.

If yes, to put the transposition in the header top line, near track name,
will free the bottom line which become usable to display something else
(maybe the segment name ?).


The problem printing segment names is that you may change segment&transposition at every bar.

BTW, why instrument is at the track level, but transposition is at segment level ? Shouldn't they both occur at the same level, let's say at track level ?