2007/6/22, Chris Cannam <cannam@all-day-breakfast.com>:
On Friday 22 June 2007 10:05, Heikki Johannes Junes wrote:
> Seems notes are in a triplet group, but they do not form a beamed group
> although they have a common beam.

I'm not sure what you mean there.  They're in a group of type "tupled" -- a
group can only have one type.  Rosegarden has also given them a (deduced)
Beamed property.

A rest in a triplet group

  \times 2/3 { e8 r8 f8 }

may change the beaming of the triplet.

Also, the beaming in a triplet group may differ from  beaming of the triplet group,

  \triplet 2/3 { e8 f8 [ g8 ] }


  \triplet 2/3 { e8 [ f8 ] g8 }

The beaming in LilyPond export follows beamed groups and tupletting tuplet

> Another error is that it seems like single notes are in their own note
> groups.

That's supposed to be legitimate in Rosegarden's representation, although it
was perhaps a mistake to make it so as it does make things harder to handle


Single notes may form groups, sometimes it may even be needed, but sometimes
it is necessary to remove the grouping of single notes. In LilyPond, for example,
result of beam grouping single notes, like "e8 [ ]", differ from not grouping them, like "e8".