Hi Yves, and all with an interest in linked segments,

I've committed my changes to the linked_segments_ian branch I was promising last week. Now you will see a Segment has a pointer to a SegmentLinker object. Segments which are linked together point to the same SegmentLinker object. Ordinary segments which aren't linked have this pointer set to null. I hope this makes it easier for your repeating segments work!

Shall we do all developments on the linked_segments_ian branch now? If this is OK for you, please feel free to port your repeating segments work on to this branch, and feel free to make any changes you need to my code. I know for your work you need to know which segment is the "master" and which are the "slave" copies. I have not put anything in yet which will do this, so there will need to be some changes to achieve this. Please make whatever changes you feel are necessary for your needs.

I have a few bug fixes and improvements to work on with segment linking in general (particularly the transposition idea), but I thought I'd better get this committed now so we can get on with things.