The --simulate flag do has it says : it will not install anything, just
print what apt-get will do.

BTW, which login manager are you using ? (gdm, kdm, xdm) It should be
the last line printed on the screen, when bootup the machine, just
before the login manager is display.

I am at work right now and do not have access to my Debian box; I will try the simulated install when I get home.

I was using kdm when I had the problems, but my latest install gives my a different login that I am have not seen. It is gray rather than blue (as it was previously) and lets me choose from several different login methods, but does not let me login as root....

Well, depending on how deeply you want to go into this, you will need
to install the correct jackd version (0.100, believe), and then
install Rosegarden from source.  You will be bypassing the Debian
packaging, of course, so Rosegarden's dependencies change, since you
won't be using the Debian dependencies (you'll need to check the
requirements section on the web page for what you need to build
Rosegarden).  Note that if you are just doing MIDI work, you don't
need jackd support (it's only used for digital audio).

I maintain two separate machines with Rosegarden.  One of them, which
is my dedicated studio workstation, I have installed all of the audio
applications from source code (jackd, ardour, rosegarden, etc).
Another machine, which I typically use for stuff like email and
non-audio stuff (except for Rosegarden, I do some MIDI composing on
this machine), I tend to install binary packages... but since the
jackd fiasco started with Debian, I ended up having to install
Rosegarden from source.

I primarily want to  use Rosegarden for composition. In fact,  that is the reason that I built the machine that I am trying to install on.  I was using a  commercial  composition program on Windows.... I'll leave out the reason that I am moving from that software, but it involves ethics :) However, the more that I have used Linux, the more I like it; in fact, I now have 3 Linux machines in my house! I really hope that I can get Rosegarden to work.