Congratulations on that! I will have the patch for the config dialogue some time Monday. Suppose I should send that to you, yes?


On Saturday 12 Dec 2009 09:42:40 Graham Percival wrote:
> I'm starting to prepare the glasgow-pitchtracker-2009 branch for merging,
> so I'm modifying all the new source files to match the existing format and
> style.
> Most of this is obvious, but I'm wondering what to do about the copyright
> notices. Should I change them all to say "Copyright 2000-2009 the
> Rosegarden development team" and send a patch for
> (which is what the AUTHORS
> file says to look at) ? Or should I leave the copyright notices as being
> owned by the various people at the Center for Music Technology ? (listing
> their specific names, not CMT)
> Cheers,
> - Graham
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