On Saturday 18 July 2009 3:08:05 pm D. Michael McIntyre wrote:

> We're getting into a couple of different things here, because your post is
> about JACK routing, but you seem to be talking about ALSA MIDI routing at
> the end, so it looks like that's what you're most concerned with.

Yeah, I could definitely be mixing up a few different topics. Maybe my confusion relates to qjackctl managing the ALSA midi ports in addition to the jack ports. Then there are these new kind of "jack midi" ports which I haven't figured out yet, and I'm not sure that Rosegarden uses those yet, either.

Actually, you have a good point because my current setup does not use any jack ports directly out of Rosegarden (except the timebase stuff) but rather from a separate QSynth instead. So Rosegarden is probably only tweaking the Alsa MIDI port routing, not jack.

> Short answer to that is no, there's no way to disable the automatic
> connection nonsense in any production release version of Rosegarden. That
> code *has* finally been rooted out and destroyed in the current development
> line though, and yes, it was EVIL, and yes, I apologize for not removing
> that years ago. Instead of just getting rid of it, we talked about what
> we'd like to do better, and wound up never doing anything about it at all.

Well, the device handling is *way* better already than it was a few years ago. I remember having to wait a minute or two for Rosegarden to figure out the MIDI configuration, and even then got it hopelessly wrong. With the current version, the procedure at least happens quickly AND it properly uses the ALSA midi ports unlike before. So, all in all things are vastly improved already.

> A different question is JACK routing itself, the way we hook to this than
> that in an attempt to be helpful. I'm not sure if that can be disabled and
> so on. I haven't really thought about that, because it's been this MIDI
> device garbage that really annoyed everyone. There's probably a case for
> disabling automatic routing on that too, if that isn't already possible.

You guys have probably already been over this, but it seems to me that you might keep this pretty simple, with the option to disable entirely. The reason is that for complicated setups, we already have external tools like qjackctl, command line scripting tools, or lash, or whatever to coordinate the bigger picture beyond Rosegarden itself. It would only be very simple projects and beginning users that would appreciate the "just works" feature of simple automatic routing if it's just Rosegarden and jack involved.

In the meantime, it's pretty easy for me to work around this even though it takes a few extra mouse clicks to load my project. I'll have to restart a lot less often after I figure out why I'm crashing rosegardensequencer so often. I've got a new build running with debugging symbols so I can make a proper bug report about it once I gather more details.