I'm trying to improve the restart behaviour of my installation of Rosegarden. On my setup, I have found that restarting Rosegarden scrambles all the Jack connections (both ALSA and audio) from the previous session. The good news that, for me, qjackctl's "Patchbay" feature seems to work pretty well and keep the Jack connections relatively persistant through stopping and starting various Jack apps including Rosegarden and QSynth. My only problem now is that I have to manually disconnect Rosegarden's default routes (the scrambed ones) every time I restart the sequencer. After I do that, then the qjackctl "Patchbay" automatically adds the correct ones. Apparently, "Patchbay" does not erase routes, it only adds them.

So the rosegardensequencer process dumps these routes when it starts:

> Creating device 1 in Play mode for connection 131:0 Synth input port (Bass:0) (write)
> Default device name for this device is MIDI software device 2
> CREATED OUTPUT PORT 5:out 3 - MIDI software device 3 for device 2
> Connecting my port 5 to 132:0 on initialisation
> done

I'm not sure exactly what the intended behavior is here, but it looks like it properly found a QSynth port (which I intend to use) and makes a Rosegarden "software device" so I can connect a Rosegarden track to the QSynth. So far, so good. Now, I think what I want is to disable that "connecting my port" step so I can use some other program (qjackctl) to create the routes instead. Is there an easy way to do that?