On Thursday 21 Dec 2006 18:17, Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas wrote:

> I've discovered later that they included also Rosegarden4-1.2.3 in

> Mandriva 2007. Why? Maybe there are some customer prefering a release

> with more bugs and less features? I don't know.

Because they lost sight of this package, didn't care enough, and/or didn't have the staff and the time.

There's nothing unusual about Mandrake in this. RH/Fedora has never included Rosegarden-4 as far as I know. SuSE used to have quite a nice low-latency 2.4 kernel with 1000Hz timer that would have been very suitable for Rosegarden, but they never managed to ship a satisfactory Rosegarden package (I was a SuSE customer for some years), they switched to a 250Hz timer along with everyone else in 2.6.whatever, and they eventually solved the problem by dropping Rosegarden. Debian solves the corporate problem (can we take responsibility for shipping bad packages?) by distributing responsibility, so Rosegarden languished for a long time between maintainers without it ever being Debian's fault (btw, although Mike has been a godsend, I won't hear a bad word for our former Debian packager -- Enrique was one of our oldest users and supporters, with a thankless job to do as Debian maintainer). It remains to be seen whether and/or how Ubuntu will solve this, or whether they can use Debian to do the hard work for them.

I'm a lot more sympathetic to the distributions since I've been working on one myself, as you might imagine. Producing a distro like Mandriva is very hard work, probably not very lucrative, and open to criticism from an amazing number of different fronts.