On Tuesday 26 September 2006 8:22 am, David Willis wrote:

> > A guitar cable that was a 1/4" plug on one end and a usb on the other.

> > transformed any electric guitar signal into midi?


> Will this do? Sadly not midi but audio.

> http://www.soundtech.com/lightsnake/index.asp


> I thought I saw it in Computer Music magazine and sure enough, I'm not as

> mad as I thought. I think the article quoted about $50 for it.

Behringer recently released something similar, i.e. guitar with USB interface:


(I shudder to think of what it sounds like though)

For guitar to MIDI, that's a lot more complicated (and I'm guessing, a *lot* more expensive).

I'm not too sure on specifics, but generally you have a special pickup mounted on your guitar, which splits each string into its own signal. Each signal is then processed individally and 'MIDI-fied', and then the information is combined again to create a MIDI output which can be used like any other MIDI out.

Here's a video of King Crimson doing some guitar-to-midi stuff live:


It doesn't have to be done realtime from a guitar, either, you can do it in software too. There's a couple of Windows programs which analyze a .wav file and create a MIDI file from it.



Don't know of anything which does it on Linux, though. I was half-expecting to find a command-line wav2midi :-).