On Monday 26 September 2011 15:02:33 D. Michael McIntyre wrote:

> On Sunday, September 25, 2011, Niek van den Berg wrote:


> m_mxmlMultiStave->setToolTip(tr("<qt>Choose which bracket will create a

> multi staff system</qt>"));


> Niek, would you mind taking a moment to explain what this does?


Default every track will be exported as a separate staff/part. However some instrument, like a piano, is usual noted on two staffs. In a score the staffs which belongs to such multistaff instrument are grouped by means of a brace.


The exporter can ignore multi staff instruments and export all tracks as separate parts ("None") or it can create multistaff instruments. To do so successive tracks must be assigned to the same instrument and the tracks must be grouped by a brace. So the bracket type first track of the multistaff instrument should be "{--" and last track must have the bracket type "--}".

However in Rosegarden such a brace group can be inside a bracket group ("{[--" and "--]}" bracket types).

With this option you tell the exporter to ignore multistaff instruments at all ("None") or they should grouped by a brace only ("{--}") or the braces may be inside a bracket ("{[ -- ]}").


I hope this explain what I meant.



> I'm looking at all the new strings through a translator's eyes, and I'm

> having a hard time with that one. I have no idea quite what this is

> supposed to do, or how to explain it in the target language.


You may have noticed English is not my native language :-)



> Also note that I went through your strings in this file, and made a number

> of minor changes. As far as I'm concerned, you and everyone else should

> keep doing exactly what you're doing, and just ignore it if I change

> something. I always feel a bit guilty though,


Please don't feel guilty. I'm glad somebody have a look over it and correct all kind of typos and other errors or make it even better understandable.


> and I hope not to offend

> anyone by sticking my fingers into everything string-related.


I can speak for myzelf only but you will not offend me by making things better!


Best regards,