I am very sorry Michael but I struggle to understand what you ask me to do.
A little because of my poor English and a little for my lack of knowledge of Linux.
Let me explain better.
When you asked me <.. to do a debug build, and provide a stack trace of the crash ..> I had no idea what I should do.

So I did this:
- I install the debuginfo and debugsource package of Rosegarden from YAST package manager (I am a OpenSUSE 13.1 user) (I did not know if they were required)
- then I tried to run again Rosegarden from the command line and do the crash to see if there was any more information than before
- since there was no difference I knew I had to look for information on how to obtain a stack trace (although I do not know what "stack trace" means, but maybe I guess)
- so I found the procedure in the WIKI Rosegarden, and I followed without understanding it, hoping that the result came out was right
- I then run the command
ulimit -a (to view the value of "core file size"
ulimit -c 1000000 (to change the limit)
run Rosegarden and do the crash
gdb rosegarden <core_file>
- when I saw that last command gave as a result a number of information I copied and pasted into the file that I have attached

I've told you this so you understand that I understood little of what I did, although after you have confirmed that the file I sent you was the right one

Now I do not know well what it means to do a production build.
But I did this.
- uninstall the debuginfo and debugsource package of Rosegarden from YAST package manager (I do not know if this is enough to have a production build)

While I was uninstalling I noticed that:
- I have 13.10-2-1 version of Rosegarden installed
- The official release of Rosegarden for OpenSUS 13.1 was the 13.04-2.1.3

I then tried to do the downgrade Rosegarden and now works correctly, no more crashes during the "open" command or the "save" command.
I could be so satisfied, the program now works again.

But if you need help to solve the problem in the newest version I can help you, and I would gladly to help development.
Unfortunately, however you should give me detailed instructions on how to proceed
I hope you understand I understand a little about development and testing.
I remain at your disposal if I can be helpful.

Il giorno gio, 01/05/2014 alle 18.03 -0400, D. Michael McIntyre ha scritto:
> If I were you, I would do a clean build WITHOUT debugging this time.  In
> a production build, this should not happen.  The other choice is to find
> and comment out a line of Rosegarden code, to make it stop crashing on
> Qt warnings.

Come to think of it, this is a good experiment.  I fear that if you do a 
production build, you will still see a crash here on that useless noisy 
warning.  We tried to fix that problem, and the result you get will be 
informative as to whether or not the fix worked.

If you still get a crash after doing a production build, or if you want 
to run a debug build to help with other bug reporting (not a bad idea!) 
I will dig into the code one day soon and tell you what small change to 
make to get this problem to go away.  You just have to stick a // in 
front of one line, but I forget where that line is, and have no time to 
look at the moment.