Please could you tell me the best version of Rosegarden (the link to download it) and it's best linux version ?

Chris Cannam <> a écrit :
On Wednesday 19 December 2007 01:19, D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> Curious, isn't it? It comes up as a ramp, with the ramp option checked,
> but no ramp in the XML. Some faulty logic somewhere, but where?

Mmm. Totally my fault. It's an artifact of the horrible, horrible way I
originally decided to represent the ramp target.

Here's how it works. A ramped tempo is represented using two signed tempoT
values. The first is the "origin" tempo. The second is the "target" tempo
(the tempo to which it ramps) if it is greater than zero. If it is zero,
then the tempo ramps to the following tempo. If it's less than zero, then
the tempo doesn't ramp.

The files being saved by 1.6.0 have target="0" in them, which means ramp to
the following tempo -- it doesn't mean no ramp. I told you it was horrible.

The bug is in the following bit of code in Composition, within the loop which
writes out the tempos to XML. This is what I originally wrote, and what's in

tempoT target = 0;
if ((*i)->has(TargetTempoProperty)) {
target = tempoT((*i)->get(TargetTempoProperty));
// [... write main bit of tempo element ...]
if (target > 0) {
composition << "\" target=\"" << target;

But there was a bug reported against 1.5.1 -- tempos that were marked as
ramping to the next tempo were not being saved properly. That's because of
that last conditional, which should be ">= 0". So I fixed that (rev 7981,
March 18th -- just after 1.5.1 came out).

Unfortunately that fix exposes the bug a few lines further up -- the default
value of target should be -1, not 0 (if there is no target property, there
should be no ramp, not the default ramp). After loading a file saved without
ramped tempos in it, the tempos were always being incorrectly identified as
ramped when saving again, but up to and including 1.5.1 that didn't matter
because the default ramped tempos weren't saved as ramped anyway.

This bit of logic is actually correct in several other places in Composition;
I'm not sure why I ended up writing this one wrong.

Anyway, fix in SVN (trunk rev 8501, stable_1_6 rev 8502). Please test -- I'll
roll out 1.6.1 soonish.


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