Thank you all for your efforts in putting out this now release of Rosegarden.  I look forward to getting it on the next Ubuntu release in April. 

In looking over the list of items fixed, I didn't see the fix for where Rosegarden loses the pan and volume settings from files saved from the earlier versions of Rosegarden. 

Do you know if that fix is actually included, or if that fix will be in a later release? 


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From: D. Michael McIntyre <>
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Subject: [Rosegarden-devel] ROSEGARDEN 12.12 RELEASED
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2012 01:39:06 -0500

====== ROSEGARDEN 12.12, codename "Glenfiddich" RELEASED ======

The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 12.12 of 
Rosegarden, an audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor for 

This release continues the trend of putting almost all development 
effort into stabilization instead of new features.  Once again, Ted 
Felix deserves a large amount of credit for his tenacious pursuit of 
solutions to immensely complex problems.

===== Bug Fixes =====
   * The last release was r12926 in svn.
   * Fix for bug #1348 (was #3542166) "MIDI Recording Drops Notes" (r12959)
   * Fix for bug #1349 (was #3546135) "Crash going past end of 
composition" (r13005)
   * r12928-12933 have Chris fixing up some audio stuff that looks 
important.  Crashes are mentioned.
   * r12937 has Tom adding some controller commands that look really 
   * Julien (serval2412) sent us some cppcheck-related code quality 
fixes in r12943 and r12950.
   * When a repeating segment follows an ordinary segment, if the 
clef/key is redundant and therefore hidden, the first repeat bar was 
misplaced in the notation editor. (The bar inset was computed without 
taking account of clef/key redundance.)
   * Lyrics with multiple verses are now distributed among repeated 
segments (true repeating segments or successive linked segments) in the 
notation editor. This is controlled by the new "distribute verses" 
option in the notation panel of the configuration editor
   * Notation editor : When there are more repeated segments displayed 
than the number of verses in lyrics, first verses are shown again under 
the last segments.
   * Patch to fix the float edit thing from Tim Munro (r13102)
   * Synth plugins Controls button crash and a plugin settings bug fix 
from Tim Munro. (r13103)
   * Fix broken delete audio files dialog, bug #1357. (r13111 and r13112)
   * Better handling of overlapping notes when recording.  This is a 
partial fix for bug #1350 "Can't Record Beethoven". (r13116)
   * Meter deflection fix from Robin Gareus (r13104)
   * Fix broken segment transpose controls #1361 (r13118)
   * Patch from Tim Munro to add lib64 variants to search path for DSSI 
and LADSPA plugins (r13125)
   * Fix a bug that sometimes crashed RG (r13134)
   * Notation view left and right arrows now skip over "hidden" events 
that show only in rulers (r13135)
   * Fix for bug #1352 "Manage Synth Plugins crash" (r13138, r13139)
   * Fix for bug #1375.  Rosegarden exports foreign character filenames 
correctly (r13151)

===== New Features =====
   * Tom's new controller commands (r12937).  Notation view has a new 
menu of controller commands, allowing controllers to be placed, edited, 
and copy/cut/pasted in a group.