The case where input events get missed when recording is (of the problems not yet fixed) the highest priority, which I think the Beethoven piece is a part of. 

The next highest priority (from my point of view) is the ability to hear the multiple instruments being recorded by way of the recording filter as they are being recorded, is the next highest priority, since my MIDI device sends on at least two MIDI channels, each of which are almost always a different instrument sound.  There are ways of working around this, but they are needlessly complicated. 

Certainly the crash (already fixed?) is probably the highest priority. 

- Aere

On Tue, 2012-09-11 at 21:15 -0400, Ted Felix wrote:
On 09/11/2012 08:53 PM, Aere Greenway wrote:
> I'm still working on course-ware, so nothing is going to ship in the
> near future.
> That means fixing the problems is a higher priority.

   Ok, then I'll take a look at Beethoven (and hopefully a whole host of 
recording issues) next.

> Since Lubuntu is not a long-term-support release system, will the fixes
> now ready, possibly be available in any of the Ubuntu 12.10 releases
> (repository)?

   My best guess is that some will and some won't.  It depends on which 
release of rg they go with.  I'm guessing it will be rg 12.04 which has 
one fix for you.  But the later fixes won't be in there.

> If so, I could just re-package the Ubuntu 12.10 version, and supply
> that.  If that is the case, a PPA would not be needed.

   I think you're going to need a PPA unless the following happens:

1. I get all these critical bugs fixed (there's just the Beethoven one, 
I think).
2. We do an rg release.
3. Ubuntu happens to pick up our release in time for your delivery.

   I can't really predict the timing of any of those events.  I guess 
the thing to do would be for me to continue work on bugs, then as you 
get closer to your delivery, we can make the final decision of whether 
Ubuntu is up to the task, or whether a PPA will be needed.


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