It appears that I successfully got, and built, the latest SVN version of Rosegarden. 

Using that (executed from a terminal), I attempted to record from a '.mid' file (played using pmidi) of the "acid-test" case. 

During the recording, there were quite a few warnings about a note-off being received without a corresponding note-on.  There were also occasional (toward the end) short bursts of notes (where it was otherwise silent - I may have turned-off MIDI-thru). 

It did make it all the way to the end, and created the segment without crashing. 

For some reason, I wasn't able to do a multi-track recording (it only recorded one of the 3 tracks), so I recorded it all to a single track. 

But there are obviously missing MIDI events in the recording.  The missing pedal-down events are particularly noticeable, but I can also hear missing notes (being familiar with the piece), and surprisingly, some additional notes that shouldn't be there. 

Though this time it did record the entire piece, it is a poor recording.  I can send you the '.rg' file, if you want to examine/hear it. 

So it still cannot handle the 'acid-test' (though it never has been able to). 

However, this problem has motivated me to learn MusE, which was able to successfully record this, and other sequences from my old Roland D20, so now I have preserved all of my earlier work in a form it can be carried forward. 

- Aere

On Mon, 2012-07-16 at 10:49 -0400, Ted Felix wrote:
>  I have been wondering regarding the missing notes problem, particularly
with the 'acid-test' case, if increasing the ALSA client pool size might
solve it.

   The dropped notes problem is now fixed in revision 12959.  Turns out it was a bug that was made worse by slower computers.  So it would appear to be somehow related to system performance, but wasn't actually.

   Is there  any way you can grab the latest source from svn, build, and test?  That would verify that it is indeed fixed.

   The sequencer wild pointer problem is next.  I don't hold a lot of hope for getting this one fixed any time soon.  I may have to review the sequencer code to find it.  I'm not sure that tools like valgrind will be of any use given that they will slow things down to a crawl.  I'll have to dig up my notes on this and see if there's a tool out there that will find this for me quickly.


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