Thanks for keeping me informed of your plan of attack. 

Regarding the missing MIDI events in recording, I think this has been a problem for years. 

When I first started using Rosegarden (Ubuntu 8.04), I tried to record my sequences from my Roland D20's onboard sequencer (a multi-track, simultaneous recording) into Rosegarden. 

For most of the pieces, the effort was successful.  But for many of them, missing MIDI events/notes (too many to edit) would ruin the recording. 

With later releases, the low-latency kernel, and faster machines, I was able to 'chip-away' at the list of pieces that wouldn't record.  But I have never been able to record all my pieces from the Roland D20 into Rosegarden. 

I think what has happened with the kernel associated with Ubuntu 12.04, is that the overhead has increased to the point that this problem is becoming visible again, even in normal (recording from a device) use. 

Where I now know how to do the same thing in Muse (that application didn't look as good as Rosegarden when I first started using MIDI on Linux), I will try recording from my Roland D20 again, recording my pieces that wouldn't successfully record in Rosegarden, into Muse. 

If that effort succeeds, then we can have confidence that it is a software problem.  If it doesn't succeed, we can conclude we are running up against the hardware limitations (and continuing bloat) of Linux. 


On Fri, 2012-06-29 at 11:17 -0400, Ted Felix wrote:
> I tried out Ubuntu-Studio 12.04, which has the low-latency kernel, 
and learned more about the problem.

   Thanks for the additional info.  Here's my plan for the moment (when 
I have a moment)...

   I'm going to try filing a bug report with Ubuntu to get the patch for 
the hang in there.  Hopefully that will then make it into lubuntu.  Let 
me know if you run into a better way to get this in.

   Since I can easily reproduce the dropped note problem, I'm going to 
take a look at that next.  That should get me more familiar with how rg 
does MIDI recording and that should lead to ideas and bug fixes that 
might just solve the rest of your problems.

   That's the plan for now.


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