Your instructions looked fairly clear and straight-forward, so I embarked upon the task this morning. 

There may have been a (momentary?) glitch in getting the source code, because it failed to access the gnome-keyring (I use Lubuntu (lxde) - not gnome, though I use a lot of gnome applications).  It seemed to continue without further errors (at least, no apparent errors). 

I put it within my existing Eclipse workspace, since I have specified for Eclipse to always use that workspace, giving me no obvious way to switch workspaces. 

The step to install dependencies presented the following problem: 

The following packages will be REMOVED:
  jackd2 jackd2-firewire libjack-jackd2-0

I stopped at this point, because I really do need qjackctl in my MIDI work, and can't be without it. 

It appears that it may be replacing jack with a development version, but I need assurances that going ahead with this won't negatively impact my own ongoing MIDI creation and testing. 

Can you please give me something to alleviate my concerns, or perhaps a way to use the newest Rosegarden without the JACK development libraries? 

- Aere

On Fri, 2012-06-22 at 10:26 -0400, Ted Felix wrote:
On 6/20/2012 9:44 AM, Ted Felix wrote:
> This is my suspicion at this point. Hoping to get some time to work on 
> this.

   Ok, finally got some time to look at this.  I was unable to reproduce 
the hang.  I suspect that this was fixed back in January.  We might be 
able to work on getting that patch into Ubuntu.  In the meantime, can 
you grab the 12.04 source, build it, and retest?  That should fix the 
hang.  Let me know if you need any help getting it built and running 
it.  My process for doing this is on the wiki:


   That gets the latest svn, but you can expand the tarball and start 
with "Get Dependencies".  When you get to "Install Eclipse", stop and 
type "./rosegarden" to run what you built.

   Let me know if you need any help and I can walk you through the 
process.  We've still got some more bugs you've identified to work on, 
so if we can get you running the latest (from svn), we can collaborate 
on getting them fixed.  Then we can look into either a PPA for you, or 
sending patches to Ubuntu which should work their way into lubuntu.


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