I am developing MIDI courseware (making use of Rosegarden), so for that, I am pretty dependent on what is in the Linux distributions' repositories.  Ubuntu 12.04 is one of the most popular Linux distrubutions, and Ubuntu 12.04 is a long-term-support release. 

I hope we aren't stuck with an unstable version of Rosegarden for 3 years...

- Aere

On Mon, 2012-05-21 at 22:24 -0400, Brett McCoy wrote:
On Mon, May 21, 2012 at 10:14 PM, Aere Greenway <> wrote:

I rebooted into my Lubuntu 11.10 partition, and tried the same thing, which worked without any problems (in Rosegarden 11.06).  So it does seem to be a problem with the newer version of Rosegarden. 

You might consider upgrading to Rosegarden 12.04 (not to be confused with Ubuntu 12.04), I found the 11.11.42 version to be pretty unstable also (I got random crashes editing CC data)

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