Il giorno gio, 28/07/2011 alle 16.34 -0400, D. Michael McIntyre ha scritto:
On Thursday, July 28, 2011, Wayne wrote:

>     that is good to know, as i have lots of MIDI that i would like to
> move out of RG from time to time ;)  is there another path (e.g. via
> another application) to get MIDI reliably exported from RG?

I'm afraid we're really past the point where I should have just stepped out of 
the discussion and let someone else talk.  I'm being vague about all of this, 
because I practically never use the MIDI export feature myself, and I'm not 
that familiar with its strengths and weaknesses.  I'm mostly going on weak 
memories of old bug reports and old discussions from quite some time ago.

Really, I'm probably doing everybody more harm than good trying to remember 
and talk about the problems with that thing at all.  It would be best to find 
a real example of something that doesn't work quite right, and then start 
talking from there.  I know there are problems with the MIDI export, but I 
really don't have a sharp, well-focused understanding of quite what they are, 
or how to cope with them.

    well, thanks for the honesty ;)  however, i would say your replies have been informative and useful.  we will see if any MIDI export experts chime in.

    thanks again.

peace, w