Il giorno mer, 27/07/2011 alle 13.23 +0200, Bas Ammerlaan ha scritto:
I think you can do this by muting all the other tracks. That is, I'm not  
sure if you could export just one segment from a track, but if you make a  
track with only the one segment you wish to export in it and mute all  
other tracks, you should get a midi file with only the one segment in it.

    thank you Bas, that tip has indeed seemed to have done the trick.

    now for a follow-up: is it possible to export a MIDI segment/file in RG without the timing (i.e. tempo/meter) information?  or does that even make sense for a MIDI file?

    thanks again.

peace, Wayne

Hope it helps,


On Tue, 26 Jul 2011 22:15:57 +0200, Wayne <> wrote:

> ahoy all,
>     just wondering if there is a way to export a single MIDI segment in
> RG to a MIDI file?  it seems like no matter which MIDI segment is
> currently selected, the File/Export/MIDI features exports the entire
> session (i.e. all MIDI segments) as a single MIDI file.
> thanks, Wayne