I manage a different forum with Vanilla. It's fast, it's small and clean, easy to install and you can download a ton of add-ons so it's very customizable.


I highly recommend it. Also, this Rosegarden list is on nabble.com, so it sort of functions as a forum already.

On Thu, 2008-02-28 at 21:51 -1000, david wrote:
Haig Dedeyan wrote:
> On February 28, 2008 07:50:34 pm Kevin Miller wrote:
>> John Tomlinson wrote:
>>>> Would we like a users forum on rosegardenmusic.com?
>>> I think overall I would prefer a forum rather than a mailing list.
>> Not me - I've always found them slower and clunky. 
>> ...Kevin
> This would depend on how the server is setup & what forum package is used. 
> I've setup  plenty of phpBB forums where the total user count passed 65k and 
> total posts were way over 100k and the search engine would average about 12 
> seconds.

If Kevin is thinking like me, he's referring to the browser-based UI as 
slow and clunky - not the search engine.

A good search engine interface to email archives would remove any need 
for a forum.

> Also, with the new phpBB3, there is now a subscirbe option where a user can 
> subscribe to any forum and get an email notification for each new post that 
> goes up. If users don't want to subscribe, they still get an email 
> notification on their own posts.

Why would I want an email notification of a post - why not just *send me 
the post*?!! With the silly notification, you still have to go off to 
the forum to read the post.

Forums - icky.