I'm a new to all this stuff and got so far:
rosegarden 4.096 running (newest version).
I also got fluidsynth working although it took me some time to understand that this is the one who followed iusynth mentionend in the documentations.
And I installed the latest alsa 1.02c driver. Still some crackling sound playing a midi file but I think this has something to to with fluidsynth and doesn't belong to here.
Now I want my stage piano be used as a midi device with rosegarden. I've got everything running under windows. But under linux I can only see a mpu401 driver loaded, but the mide device manager of rosegarden doesn't show anything but the fluidsynth soft synth (if started before rosegarden) or nothing (if fluidsynth isn't started).
Has anyone advice where to look to make further progress. Is there anyone out there using rosegarden, a via 8233 on board midi device with a yamaha stage piano?
Thanks in advance