Hi there,
I am on SuSe 9.2, working with RG 4-0.9.9 just with Midi and soft synthesisers, and no intention of working with Jack at this stage.
After previous advice I have downloaded Fluidsynth -1.0.5, a liblo plugin -0.15, and dssi interface -0.9. I think I have correctly installed fluidsynth and the liblo plugin, but am having trouble with the dssi interface.
It doesn't seem to be detecting that I do have ALSA, LADSPA support and JACK already on my box, and it suggested to add a directory containing alsa.pc, jack.pc and ladcca-1.0.pc to my PKG_CONFIG_PATH (which I think is usr/local/lib/pkg_config). I haven't been able to successfully locate these files.
Can anyone help out here? Being relatively new to Linux, I haven't done any compiling before and am at a bit of a loss...