#57 Position and length in bar.beat.format.tick


Hi Chris !

Here we go with the timeformat. If anything
remains unclear, don't hesitate to ask -I'm happy
the rant on... ;-)

Logic/Cubase do display timevalues (position and
length likewise) in a format of bar.beat.format.tick.

Here bar probably is obvious. Each bar is divided
according to the current measure signature (not sure
wether I'm using the proper english words). E.g. if
the measure is 4/4 a bar is divided into 4 beats.
Likewise in 6/8 the bar is divided into 6 beats (of
1/8 each). Each beat is divided according to the
current "format" (directly translated from german).
Usually this is /16. The closest I've found in RG is
the grid in the matrix editor. What we have both in
Logic and Cubase is the tempo (in BPM), the
measure (e.g. 4/4 or 6/8), the format (e.g. /16;
usually the shortest time to be scored). This results in
a possible range for ticks. E.g. with a measure of 4/4
and a format of /16 beats go from 1-4, format goes
from 1-4 and ticks go from 1-240 (this means a tisk
is a 1/3840 note). In Logic format is in the range of
1/4-1/96 note (1/16 the default).

There are the following adjustment available (to be
selected somewhere in preferences):
- dots as seperators on/off (default: on)
- ticks start at 0 or 1 (default: 1)
- suppress format on/off (default:off); ticks are
adjusted accordingly

This gives the following displays for the start of a
- (default)
- 1 1 1 1
- 1 1 1 0
- 1.1. 1
- 1 1 1
- 1.1. 0
- 1 1 0



  • Chris Cannam
    Chris Cannam

    Logged In: YES

    The format we use already in some places (just not where you wanted it)
    is bar/beat/hemidemis/remainder. The hemidemis part is not currently
    configurable -- you may have noticed we do actually have a "/16" shown
    on the transport display in slavish homage to Logic, but it isn't actually
    modifiable or connected up to anything. The bar and beat values start at
    1 for absolute times and 0 for durations, the hemidemis and remainder
    always start at 0, and again this is not currently configurable.

    I suggest we start by introducing the existing format into the event view
    and go from there if it turns out not to be popular enough without some
    more configurability. To that end, I've taken the existing calculation code
    from the time widget and dropped it into Composition as a set of
    conversion functions: getMusicalTimeForAbsoluteTime,
    getMusicalTimeForDuration etc.

    What I haven't time to do at the moment is actually make these times
    visible in the event view. So I'm reassigning this to Guillaume -- just in
    case you're finding Christmas boring or something... What we need is to
    make the event time and duration columns switchable between raw times
    (as now), musical times (bar/beat/etc), and real time (sec/msec) values,
    using whatever GUI technology seems appropriate.

  • Michael Gerdau
    Michael Gerdau

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    When in Notation editor the current (insert-)position should use
    the same notation, not just ticks or seconds.

  • Chris Cannam
    Chris Cannam

    Logged In: YES

    Reassigning to myself -- I'm working on the tempo/timesig edit view, and
    this is needed there too, so I might as well do it everywhere.

  • Chris Cannam
    Chris Cannam

    Logged In: YES

    Done in tempo/timesig editor and event list view. Not yet done in notation
    status line.

  • Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    We're sorry, but there is no chance anyone presently on our staff will have time to consider this request. Perhaps you'd like to buy your way onto our staff by presenting us with this request re-expressed in patch form.