#443 Ability to position fingerings explicitly

Staff Picks

Printing fingerings inside the staff helped Romanza, but it's not remotely hard to come up with an example where fingerings conflict all to hell both in Rosegarden and in LilyPond. Neither layout engine is doing a good job with this, and both behave differently.

LilyPond has extensive options for moving the fingerings around explicitly:

\set fingeringOrientations = #'(down right up)
<c-1 e-3="" a-5="">4
\set fingeringOrientations = #'(up)


I have a vision of adopting the same.

I'm thinking the new event selector will probably grow a dialog with a big note drawn in the middle and little arms sticking off like inventory slots in a video game, where you can put marks and things. I'm thinking this basic widget could be used to let you "zoom" in on an existing note and manipulate things like that. An event-level editor like a mini notation editor within the notation editor.

And before I forget, I just had a flash. What if instead of all the complicated volumes and volumes of crap to do on this event selector, we had a function like "find all the other notes that have the same stuff this one does. Random brain storm, totally out of context.


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