#434 Make the "Insert Event" option available from notation and matrix editors.

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Under the event list editor there is a very useful and powerful option that is in edit menu called "insert event". It can insert any kind of event in an exact time in a way that rulers available on matrix and notation editors cannot do.
So I would like to ask for something that I believe will be very simple, but since I don't have programming knowledge I can't do.
Can anyone make the "insert event" option appear in the "edit" menu also under the notation editor and the matrix editor.
Of course, in order that it might work correctly a note would have to be selected in one of those editors. And when the event would be inserted it would have to take effect BEFORE the selected note (the same way it already occurs in event list editor).
It's very easier to locate a note in notation or matrix editor to insert an event before it than to locate it in a long list in the event list. That's why I'm asking for this feature.


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