#418 Add a track archive feature


Cakewalk Sonar has a feature called "archive", which deactivates a track and keeps it from being played no matter what the solo/mute settings are. This is an extremely useful feature that would benefit Rosegarden composers. Un-needed audio tracks that must still be kept in the file for whatever reason can be archived (and later de-archived when needed), which reduces the load on the system while playing a composition. Also, MIDI tracks that have been recorded to audio can be archived so that even when "unmute all" is selected, one does not need to manually mute the un-needed MIDI tracks.


  • Ted Felix

    Ted Felix - 2016-06-14
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  • Ted Felix

    Ted Felix - 2016-06-20

    Status... It's working solid now. I've added a checkbox to the Track Parameters and the track buttons darken to indicate archive mode. See the attachments...

  • Ted Felix

    Ted Felix - 2016-06-22

    As of [r14687] this has been implemented. Please test.



    Commit: [r14687]

  • D. Michael McIntyre

    I'll test this as soon as I can. I'd like to thank the requester for coming up with this one, and you for implementing it. Every composition I ever did could have used this at some point, and this is a feature I will surely enjoy and appreciate for years to come.

  • Yves Guillemot

    Yves Guillemot - 2016-06-26

    I just tried it and it works fine here.
    It's a great feature: when working on a composition I'm always using temporary tracks as draft and store place and I almost always forget to mute them before pressing the play button for the first time.
    Moreover, the darken track button is a very good way to immediately distinguish the final composition from its temporary parts.
    So I join Michael to thank you and the requester.


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