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John Craick

I, like many others, work with choral music. A typical piece of choral music has 4 voice parts SATB, each in their own staff and with an individual lyrics for each voice. The usual printed form has each part's lyrics located below the staff for that part and hairpins, when used, are located above the staff.

Currently Rosegarden places the hairpins below the staff, i.e. in between the lyrics and the staff. This is quite disconcerting for experienced choristers.

My feature request, therefore, is for hairpins to be located, as standard, above the staff instead of below, as at present.

For non choral scores, e.g. instrumental or orchestral, there may be a different convention for locating hairpins : maybe below is normal, so perhaps the location should be optional.

I note that in Lilypond the location can be easily changed : in Lilypondspeak ^\< places a crescendo above the staff while _> places it below the staff. So one can get the right result out of RG but only by exporting to Lilypond and then messing with the .ly file before finally printing it.


  • Chris Cannam

    Chris Cannam - 2009-06-29

    Sensible request, shouldn't be hard to do once things have settled down a bit. We have actually had this requested before, though I don't know whether there was a tracker item open for it; I think it may have come at a bit of a fallow time last time around.

  • D. Michael McIntyre

    As an "after Thorn" thing, I intend to explore making "everything" flippable. Individual marks, indications, and so on. It's all a bit hacky now with some flippable things not exporting reliably, and others (hairpins, fermatas) always having a fixed orientation. It will take a bit of doing sorting all of this out once and for all, which is why it's an "after Thorn" thing, but it's on my priority list, and stands a better than average chance of being something I will actually accomplish sooner, rather than later. (Within the next year or so, to be realistic about the timeframe.)

    In the new world I envision, hairpins would probably continue to default to their current positions, but you could reposition them at will. This would also satisfy the spirit and intent behind another, much older feature request about "contrapuntal" something or other.

  • D. Michael McIntyre

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  • D. Michael McIntyre

    Depends how evil it is to add all the flippable stuff to Rosegarden. The LilyPond side of it is dead easy.

    I'm finally adding new features again, and this is somewhere on my list for consideration. I probably already put too much on my plate as it is though.


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