#394 New KeyStrokes

Alex Stone

As a "keystroker", as opposed to a 'mouser', i'm constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve the workflow, using the qwerty, and midi, keyboards.

And i've discovered in RG a pretty sensible and well thought out list of keystroke actions that help make for speedy note entry, and good general workflow.

This FR is for a few more, that i would consider useful in enhancing the current KS set, as a topic of discussion for the future. (Meaning after the QT4 build is complete..with no time frame, or sense of urgency implied.) For the sake of continuity, i'm calling these 'actions.'


  1. Action: "Move edit cursor forward by designated grid".

(Currently we can move the edit cursor in the matrix editor by beat, or with the ctl modifier, by bar. This action is suggested as a means of moving the edit cursor by designated grid, i.e. 1/8, 1/16, etc....)

  1. Action" "Move edit cursor backward by designated grid"

(The mate of FR action 1.)

  1. Action: "Insert grid designated rest"

(As an added quick workflow action, the means to 'insert' a rest by grid designation. Example: We set our grid to semiquavers, insert a semiquaver, then, using the requested action, insert a semiquaver rest, then two further semiquavers. I have my grid set up with numbers on the qwerty, for each duration. Adding a modifier+number for rests would provide a degree of continuity. Example: number 4 is crotchets, Alt+4 is crotchet rest....)

  1. Action: "Decrease note length by 1 pixel, (or 1/128, or 1/64)"

(I don't know how this could be coded, as i'm not a coder, but for some notes, creating a small gap between notes is required for the proper playback of samples, particularly release samples. I do a lot of manual work matching release and non release samples, as well as articulation changes within a segment using bank and programme changes, and that small gap is enough to allow samples to sound correctly, where notes adjacent to each other don't always do so. We can repeat the action, if a larger gap is required.

  1. Action: "Increase note length by 1 pixel, (or 1/128, or 1/64)"

(The natural mate of FR action 3, this one increases the note length, to allow a slight crossover. particularly useful for that 'fluid' clarinet sound, just as an example. Again, if a note needs to hang slightly over a bar, for more realistic playback, this action will help, and repeating the action determines the extra length.)

  1. Action: "Increase note length by 1 grid designation "

  2. Action: "Decrease note length by 1 grid designation "

(Again, a natural mate for FR action 6.)

  1. Action: "Move edit cursor to end of active note"

(When inputting 'odd' length notes, the edit cursor doesn't currently go to the end of the inputted note, in preparation for the next note input. If this can't be considered as a default hardwired action, then a separate, KS defined action, may be a possible solution.)

  1. Action "Move edit cursor to the start of active note"

(The mate of action 8.)


  1. Action: "Insert segment at playback cursor"

(This one's obvious, but an action to do this, removes the mouse from the equation, as we can already move around the main window, with KS, quite effectively. We can already increase and decrease segment length by KS, so this seems a natural evolution of that process.)

  1. Action: "Go to next segment in selected track, making previous segment inactive"

(In terms of navigation, RG's very good, and streets ahead of many other apps i've used. This one is, imho, another natural evolution, where the means to highlight, or 'make active' each segment in a track, means we can open just one matrix editor, for example, by KS, make a change or edit, close it, move to the next segment, wash, rinse, recycle, etc... The added bonus for this action is we can isolate a segment, and copy paste it if we wish, without going to the mouse to firstly make all segments inactive, then selecting the one we want, manually.)

  1. Action "Go to previous segment in selected track, making previous segment inactive."

(The natural mate of FR action 2, as above.)

I hope these FR's are taken in the light of my ongoing enthusiasm for RG's workflow prowess, and the RG team accept that i continue to be appreciative and ever mindful of the time and effort you put in, for our benefit.




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