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In the paste menù IMHO miss a important feature: the paste for x times. This feature allow to easily build a base track (ie. in a drum track) for future modification of the base.


  • It's an interesting idea. I have no idea how likely it is that anyone will build up much energy for implementing it though.

    The normal way I'd do something like this is to take advantage of repeating segments. Say I have a one-bar pattern I want to run for 8 bars, and another one-bar pattern I want to run for 4 bars before switching back to the first pattern to the end of the composition.

    I'd create the first segment in bar 1, and establish the pattern for that segment. Then I'd create the second segment in bar 9, and establish the pattern for that segment. Then I'd copy the segment at bar 1 to bar 13. Finally, I'd mark all three segments to repeat (Segment Parameters) and they would repeat until running into another segment.

    It's a different way of working for someone used to a "paste n times" option, but we have so many options already, I think you should try Rosegarden's own native way to solve this kind of problem, and see what you think. I sequence drum patterns this way allllll the time, and the workflow is quick. Plus it's really easy to tweak the pattern if you want to change something, because it's all in one segment, instead of n copies that all have to be tweaked individually, or deleted and re-pasted.

  • jeawrong

    IMHO is simply iterate the paste routine for "n" times... but I know, programming software is NEVER simple ;)

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  • I've been using Rosegarden again, for the first time in years, and it strikes me that a lot of cut/copy/paste stuff is missing. Your feature request caught my eye. The only place to put this is the Paste... option, where you get to pick and choose things from a dialog. Putting this there would probably be trivial.