#339 Playlists for Midi/.rg player (and other things)

Not Likely

Would be nice if you could set the player to play a bunch of diff mids and rg files from a playlist. It would also be nice if you could define (before playing the playlist) that "all piano/organ/etc get played on midi hardware device 1" "all stringed instruments hardware device 2" etc (and beable to group what plays where any way you want).

Also beable to loop/randomize the playlist would be nice.


Feature Requests: #411


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    You may want all your midi files to output any track set to trumpet, brass section, synth brass to your Digital trumpet, or your rack which has the best brass patches.

    Then you might want all your piano stuff to be sent to your digital piano and your guitar stuff to be sent to a diffrent rack without editing each rosegarden file/midi filewhen it's imported.

  • D. Michael McIntyre

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  • D. Michael McIntyre

    Somebody in 2010 didn't realize we had File -> Playlist, and now one from 2007. We've had that since 2002, I think.

    Play all of this with that is something you could set up by adjusting the studios in all the files beforehand.

    The rest of it probably just won't ever happen unless someone adopts the long languishing playlist feature, which is extremely unlikely.


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