#330 Enable redefinition of beats in compound time signatures


Rosegarden assumes certain time signatures (like 6/8, 12/8, 9/4 etc) to be compound. What I would like to see is a feature that allows the user to override this behaviour when needed, so that for instance it is possible for a 9/8 measure to be expressed as 2+2+2+3 instead of just 3+3+3. It would be sufficient to be able to choose for the 9/8 to have nine quaver beats instead of three dotted crothcet beats. My suggestion is that this feature be offered to the user as an advanced option in the Tempo/Time Signature Editor when a time signature assumed to be compound is added. It could be as simple as unchecking a box.

(Of course, it would also be great to be able to define how one wants the beats to be grouped. (In Sibelius this is done by typing the number of beats one wants grouped together into a box in the time signature dialogue box, like for instance 2,2,2,3 in a 9/8 time signature.) The reason why there's a point in doing that is that this ensures that the notation interprets the right rhythm, and that it enables the playback to accent the right beats. But this probably belongs in a different and less urgent feature request.)


  • D. Michael McIntyre

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    This is in highly advanced and rarefied territory that I fear is well beyond the limits of our present development staff. Sorry. I know how much you love your time signature changes.

  • Gunhild

    Gunhild - 2008-04-12

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    I really do. But it's ok. I'm beginning to get used to the funny effect when the metronome suddenly goes twice as fast in a time signature change between two compound ones. It almost feels as if you're being cheered on or something. If this is completely out of the question I won't mind if you give it a 1 in priority or whatever is the proper procedure for unrealistic suggestions like this. Regarding that other thing with defining the grouping of beats, don't worry, I'm not going to file a feature request for that. Promise! :-)


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