#315 Move (F5) and resize (F6) buttons should be removed.

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In main window, it is possible to move and resize the segment using the select tool (F2).
Segment is moved by dragging the segment and dropping it somewhere else.
And segment is resized by dragging from its edge and dropping the edge to some other position.

In matrix view, the moving and resizing of individual notes should be handled in the same
manner that segments are handled in the main window.
Instead of the shortcut "Ctrl + click&drag&drop" for resizing the note using the select tool (F2),
one should use the same, shorter shortcut "click&drag&crop" what is used in the main window
for resizing segments.

Since moving and resizing of items is possible with the select tool (F2) both in Main view and matrix view, the buttons for function move (F5) & resize (F6) are unnecessary and should be dropped out from the gui.


Feature Requests: #328


  • Chris Cannam

    Chris Cannam - 2006-12-18

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    I'm a bit confused by the part about the matrix view. The current behaviour is the same as the main window: using the select tool, you click and drag on the centre of a note to move it but click and drag on its edge to resize it. The only difference is (supposed to be) that you can't resize a note from its left edge in the matrix. What other difference are you referring to?

    I think many users who normally use the Select tool for everything (myself included) still occasionally need to use the move and resize tools, because it isn't always easy to grab the right bit if a segment or note is very small or adjacent to another one. I used the Move tool in the segment canvas earlier today for exactly this reason.

    However, we could still make it more obvious that the Select tool does other stuff too -- perhaps by renaming it to "Select and Edit" or some such.

  • Heikki Junes

    Heikki Junes - 2006-12-19

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    Sorry, I have missed the resizing with click&drag in the matrix view. Probably
    the snap area could be increased by one pixel?

    Why not to resize a note also from its left edge? (There would not be more confusion
    to the current situation: if you have two overlapping notes of different
    durations in the same segment that end at the same time, which one would you resize
    by clicking the right edge of the note in the matrix view?)

    I have to clarify myself in this tracker item: There are too many buttons in the
    menu bar: button functions are not anymore orthogonal, but they have similar actions.
    It is confusing that there are two buttons which do the same function.

    For example:
    "Select & Edit" is not orthogonal to "Move"
    "Select & Edit" is not orthogonal to "Resize"
    "Stop" is not orthogonal to "Panic"

    I have to do some decisions which are completely unnecessary: which button to press.
    "Stop" should invoke "Panic"
    "Move" and "Resize" tools should be removed from the menu bar -- one can use right
    mouse button to select these functions.

    This is all about the ergonomy of the user interface: do not confuse the user.

  • Heikki Junes

    Heikki Junes - 2006-12-20

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    Originator: YES

    In matrix view, it is possible to improve the scaling of notes:

    1. Select multiple notes.
      2a. Click the right edge of one note & Drag it => changes the end time of the selected notes
      2b. Ctrl+Click the right edge of one note & Drag it => changes the end time of the selected notes

    Instead of 2b with Ctrl+click&drag, one could do the following:

    2B. Ctrl+Click&drag => scale the end and start time of the selected notes (exactly like you would Ctrl + click&drag a segment in the main view).


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