#271 MIDI Thru problems and proposals


This proposal was included in a message to the -devel
list, with the subject "Multi-track MIDI recording
status". After we have got that feature working, some
sharp corners arose that should be polished.

There is a problem because internal MIDI routing is not
filtered by armed track. All the incoming events
received from all the subscribed input MIDI ports are
routed to the instrument selected in the currently
selected track. Imagine this scenario: connect a drum
musician and a piano player to a Rosegarden recording
session. You want to record the piano to the track 1
and drums to the track 10. Arm both tracks with the
proper recording filters on them, and select the piano
track. Even if you are not recording, all the notes
played by the drummer are routed to the piano
instrument, like the notes played by the pianist. If
you select the track 10 instead, all the notes played
by both musicians are routed to the drums instrument.

A dirty quick workaround for this problem is to click
on a track having some Instrument that doesn't produce
any sound. MIDI Thru is not disabled, but at least it
doesn't disturb.

  • MIDI Thru On/Off quick switch?

One solution would be to use the
Composition->Studio->Modify MIDI filters and ignore all
types of events for the thru function, and use an
external ALSA connection manager to route the
instruments without the help of Rosegarden.

It could be sensible to provide a quick internal
routing on/off switch to be used in this case. Or
should we change the routing policy to not follow the
selected track only but to look also to the armed
tracks status?

  • New MIDI Thru Policy?

A more generic solution: A MIDI Thru policy option,
letting the user to choose how to route MIDI Thru events:
1.- disable MIDI Thru
2.- route events to the selected track instrument
(current behavior)
3.- route events to the armed track instruments, based
on the recording filters


Bugs: #1498


  • Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas

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    In current SVN there is an implementation for this RFE.

    1.- disable MIDI Thru
    There is a new menu option (Composition->Studio->MIDI Thru
    Routing). It can be used to disable MIDI Thru. It is enabled
    by default.

    2.- route events to the selected track instrument
    This is used when the transport state is "playing" or
    "stopped". It is the old behavior.

    3.- route events to the armed track instruments, based
    on the recording filters. This new policy is used when the
    transport state is "recording".

    • Cyrille Bollu

      Cyrille Bollu - 2016-02-02

      Hello Pedro,

      Do you know what happened to this implementation?

      I'm using RG 15 (from kxstudio repos) and it doesn't seem to be in.

      Best regards,


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