#266 superfluous extra time sigs can't be made invisible

notation (90)

New doc. One segment. Put a treble clef and a Bb key
signature in it via the notation editor. Close the
notation view. Split the segment on a nice even
barline somewhere. Open the resulting pieces in the
notation editor.

The clef, key, and time signature are duplicated.

I understand why they're duplicated. There's not much
for that but maybe to add a global track-level clef
and key to the new track parameters, which can be
overridden locally if required. That's another

Here and now, if I don't want to look at this stupid
extra clef, or this stupid extra key, I can just right
click and make them invisible.

Not so the key sig. It's just there, and there's
nothing to be done for it. It doesn't exist in the
time/tempo editor either, so there's no way to delete
it. In this instance, if your autoload is close to
stock, it is likely that the original 4/4 time
signature in the first segment doesn't exist either.

The workaround for this is to go insert a time
signature manually at the location where this meta
signature exists, and mark it as hidden. This works,
but it's inconsistent and annoying. It would be much
more friendly and consistent if it were possible to
right click on it, and make it invisible.

I filed this as a bug first, because the workaround
didn't even occur to me until I was testing out my own
procedure to make sure I was describing reality. I'll
switch it over to a feature request directly.

I can document around this, but it really is annoying
and crappy.


  • D. Michael McIntyre

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    Some guy wanted me to copy an étude and transpose it for him. It had lots of
    repeats and lots of time signature changes. I had to carve it up into dozens of
    segments, and for every non-primary segment, I had to go in and add an invisible
    time signature change.

    This is crap.

  • D. Michael McIntyre

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    Chris didn't take the bait, did he?

    Hrm. I'll look into it myself then, and maybe it's obvious enough I can whip something up. Maybe.

  • D. Michael McIntyre

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    I don't think I'm that motivated after all, because I can think of several different approaches off the top of my head, but no one that jumps out as being clearly the right thing to do.

    Plus I just remembered that I always forget about the new ability to click on the ruler and stick something "right here" which makes the crappiness slightly easier to swallow. I think I'll just move along then.

  • D. Michael McIntyre

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    Forgot to close this one. Based on field testing, Chris's ridiculously simple change to avoid printing these except at the time when they're actually supposed to occur seems to be a marvelous answer to this whole issue, and actually makes the long hated time signatures serve as an example for wouldn't be nice if clefs and key signature could behave that way too.

    (Though I can't think how they actually could, unless maybe we had some new segment parameter and associated toggle to say "this is an alternate voice, not a primary voice" or something. Let's try to live without it for now, because widget space is at a real premium as it is.)


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