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[r12037] by tedfelix

Added filenames to svn:ignore to get a cleaner svn status.

2010-09-02 22:10:26 Tree
[r12036] by tedfelix

Added files to svn:ignore to get a cleaner "svn status". Added
cscope.out for those (like myself) who use cscope to browse the code.

2010-09-02 22:05:19 Tree
[r12035] by tedfelix

Updated svn:ignore to include data/data.cpp. Is it ok if I go through
and adjust the svn:ignore properties so that an svn status will come up
empty with a fresh checkout and build? There are several more files
that aren't being ignored (like the binary itself for instance).

2010-09-01 23:41:07 Tree
[r12034] by yguillemot

Update all the strings using Qt 4.7.0-RC1 for experiment.

2010-08-31 16:24:53 Tree
[r12033] by msjulie

VU Meter bugfix (rework)

Nothing big, just a littel cleaner.

Anybody know why we are using drawFrame()?

2010-08-29 13:35:39 Tree
[r12032] by msjulie

remove debug line

2010-08-29 04:49:48 Tree
[r12031] by msjulie

Fix TrackVUMeter bugs.

* Removed code that caused VU meters to move vertically when at zero level
* Properly repaints track labels when meter is inactive (copies RG Classic

2010-08-29 04:46:23 Tree
[r12030] by cannam

* Commit current state of wiki

2010-08-26 09:08:30 Tree
[r12029] by tedfelix

Just comments and formatting.

2010-08-24 19:48:17 Tree
[r12028] by msjulie

Use Chris's idea to update m_lastAudioFileID when files are pushed when document opened.

2010-08-23 17:37:51 Tree
[r12027] by msjulie

Drag & Drop from of multiple files from OS file browser to RG main canvas now works.

Clean up of Audio File ID (remove static variable and convert to standard
private member). No need to have unique ID's across file managers and the
idea to do so is too complex given our opendocument procedure.

I wish there was an easy coding solution for the ID...but this solution may be
good enough and involved the least effort.

Question should m_lastAudioFileID be mutex? Looks like small possibility of

2010-08-23 14:47:23 Tree
[r12026] by msjulie

Fix AudioID duplicate problem by combining original code and new code (erumf)
that handles drag and drop of multiple items.

NOTE: Drag and drop of multiple files works from from OS file browser to RG
Audio Manager. When destination is RG main canvas, only one segment is created
and one Audio file is converted...This still needs to be resolved and may be
unrelated to this issue.

2010-08-22 13:11:07 Tree
[r12025] by alteholz

in case of a fresh checkout all files *.ui have not been converted to header files and won't be searched by lupdate

2010-08-22 10:12:51 Tree
[r12024] by msjulie

First Fix to audio manager file issues.

Use old code to track Audio ID's --- newer code failed under several situations
when RG was exited and restarted.

I leave the code a mess until we can all agree on this.

2010-08-20 02:44:49 Tree
[r12023] by janifr

Finnish update.

2010-08-13 20:38:27 Tree
[r12022] by dmmcintyr

fix/update English, Spanish, French translations

2010-08-13 19:56:05 Tree
[r12021] by dmmcintyr

another translation update

2010-08-13 18:47:18 Tree
[r12020] by prokoudine

Some more updates to Russian translation

2010-08-12 15:00:53 Tree
[r12019] by dmmcintyr

Remove all but the first 32 tracks from the factory autoload: 16 MIDI, 16 audio,
in response to a new user getting confused by the instrument on track 1 and 33
being common out of the box. He deleted track 1, and was never aware that 33
had the same instrument, so the source of his trouble was well out of sight way
at the bottom of a long list, and far from his area of focus.

It's easy to add tracks on demand anyway. 32 is enough to start off with. I
think we had 64 as a hold-over from all the many varied troubles we had with
moving and deleting tracks, which caused some horrifying bugs all the way up
until relatively recently.

2010-08-11 05:40:17 Tree
[r12018] by dmmcintyr

Patch from John Anderson

2010-08-08 02:06:05 Tree
[r12017] by dmmcintyr

Japanese update

2010-08-08 02:03:37 Tree
[r12016] by cannam

* Commit patch from Filipe Lopes to add ladish "level 1" support to RG
(basically this means making SIGUSR1 provoke a save action -- nasty,
but that's not his or our fault)

2010-08-05 13:38:02 Tree
[r12015] by tedfelix

boundingRect() is smarter than calling drawText() twice.

2010-08-04 17:55:29 Tree
[r12014] by gperciva

Merge 11980:12013 from master.

2010-08-04 04:37:22 Tree
[r12013] by dmmcintyr

Remove obsolete "Rosegarden Companion" to become part of the solution to
obsolete documentation, rather than part of the problem. There is no
replacement for this, but it is just too old to be useful now. Every single
topic it covers has changed in some way, and I will never have the energy or
inspiration to update it. This chapter of our history is formally closed.

2010-08-03 18:53:43 Tree
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