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When adding notes, it is possible to accidentally hit a
wrong note. In that case, pressing undo is a great
thing but, after pressing undo, the curson position is
often lost.

It is very easy to reproduce this problem, just open
notation view and hit two quarter notes (by a mouse,
for example), one after another, in the beginning of
the composition. Undoing removes the last note and
changes it to a rest, which is the correct behaviour,
but it does not recover the previous cursor position.

IMHO, the correct behaviour would be that undo would
recover the program back to the state in which is was
just before hitting a wrong key. Such a behaviour
requires also an exact tracking of the curson position.


  • Heikki Junes

    Heikki Junes - 2006-05-02

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    When inserting a note by a mouse click, there are
    conceptually three commands executed:
    1) set curson position before note addition
    2) note addition
    3) set curson position after note addition
    It would be more convenient to set the curson to the position
    where it was just before note was added.

  • D. Michael McIntyre

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  • Ted Felix

    Ted Felix - 2014-04-16
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