#496 Notation: Wrong edit cursor position after tuplet insertion

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In the notation editor, whenever you create a new
notation object the edit cursor is normally moved
forwards by exactly the duration of the inserted
object. This does not happen for certain notation
objects. For example, the "Simple Triplet" operation in
the "Group" menu creates a triplet from the selected
group of notes, shortens the total duration of the
selected group of notes, inserts a rest just after the
triplet to compensate for the shortening, and leaves
the edit cursor just after the newly inserted rest,
i.e. the edit cursor is not in the correct position for
the next insertion immediately after the new tuplet.
Consequently when you are inserting a sequence of
events that includes several triplets you have to
re-position the edit cursor manually after every
triplet insertion. The edit cursor is also left in an
incorrect position after tuplet insertions.

Suggestion: after inserting a triplet (or any other
tuplet) move the edit cursor to a position immediately
after the newly created tuplet.

A version of this bug was originally reported on
on Thu, 10 Jun 2004 13:04:43 +0100
in Message-Id:


  • Chris Cannam

    Chris Cannam - 2004-07-12

    Logged In: YES

    fix for 0.9.9.

  • D. Michael McIntyre

    • status: open --> wont-fix
    • milestone: Obscure Notation Bugs --> Live With It

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