#1416 In notation, preexisting rests are not removed when pasting inside empty bars


Select then normalize rests have to be done after pasting.
This occurs since rev. 13510.


  • D. Michael McIntyre

    Procedure for reproducing?

  • Yves Guillemot

    Yves Guillemot - 2013-10-21

    It's straightforward:

    • Create an empty segment with several bars
    • Open it in notation
    • Fill with notes one of the bar (ie. 4 quarter notes if tempo signature is 4/4)
    • Select this bar and copy it
    • Paste it in one of the empty bars

    The copied notes and the initial rest(s) coexist in the target bar

  • D. Michael McIntyre

    I figured it must be that simple, since you didn't offer a procedure.

    I can't reproduce it, however. I have tried many different varied simple and quite complicated combinations, and I have tried pasting the result both with and without proper alignment to beats. I can get red barlines when my paste doesn't quite match beats, but I haven't seen anything strange with the rests even one time.

    I believe you have reported a real problem, because I can picture Rosegarden behaving as you describe in my mind, and I remember. That's probably something the fix I reverted used to address, and now that old bug is back. I'd like to be able to repeat it, so maybe this time we can fix it in a way that doesn't cause crashes elsewhere.

    I can't test what I can't repeat though, so I'm stuck.

  • Yves Guillemot

    Yves Guillemot - 2013-10-22

    So being the only one who get this bug I'm the only one who can hope to fix it.
    I'll look at it as soon as I'll have a few time.

  • Yves Guillemot

    Yves Guillemot - 2015-10-06

    It was two years ago.

    I can't remember if I ever try to understand and fix this bug.
    Today I can't reproduce it.

    So I suggest to close this ticket.
    (I can't see any usable tool to close it myself).

  • D. Michael McIntyre

    • status: open --> closed
  • D. Michael McIntyre

    You should be able to click on the Edit pencil at the top of the page and set the status to closed. If you are not able to do this, I probably have something configured incorrectly. The new SourceForge is confusing to configure. Also, we still have an abandoned derlict subproject "X" that I can't remove. Frustrating.

  • Yves Guillemot

    Yves Guillemot - 2015-10-07

    When I click on the pencil I only see a "Move" button under an empty list box where nothing can be selected nor inserted.

  • D. Michael McIntyre

    This explains why nobody ever assigns bugs to themselves or closes bug reports. I will take another look through the user permission admin stuff.

  • D. Michael McIntyre

  • D. Michael McIntyre

    I attempted to make it possible for any developer to edit tickets, which should mean you can assign them to yourself and close them. I had no clue you guys couldn't do this already. That's how it used to be set up at the original SourceForge.

  • Yves Guillemot

    Yves Guillemot - 2015-10-10

    I just succeeded in assigning bug 1455 to myself.
    There are two pencils at the top of the page : one with "Move" and one with "Edit".
    I wonder if I was not the last time using a FireFox window a bit too narrow.
    I saw the first pencil, but not the second one and stupidly I didn't realize that something was hidden outside of the window.

  • D. Michael McIntyre

    The way the permisissions were set up before, the pencil wouldn't have worked anyway, so it probably was never there until I changed the project config. It was somewhat tricky to find where to set this up, and it's very likely that I just missed it completely. I seriously doubt you missed anything.


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