#1407 MIDI Recording Past End Of Composition Hosed

Ted Felix

The subject pretty much says it all. There are other related tickets:

[bugs:#1017] "canvas doesn't grow when long audio file dropped on it"
[feature-requests:#417] "Make Rosegarden auto-extend composition length"

A complete investigation into composition expansion would be a good idea. See if we can get this to be a straightforward concept in the code and hook everything that needs it into it.

  • MIDI Segment Editing
  • MIDI Recording
  • Audio Segment Editing
  • Audio Recording

Michael has suggested "a checkbox in the composition start and end dialog to say '[x] Do not expand beyond this point'". This lets the user decide whether they want the composition to expand while editing. Expansion while recording should be mandatory.


Bugs: #1017
Bugs: #1391
Feature Requests: #417


  • D. Michael McIntyre

    That was a nicely succinct and lucid summary.

  • Ted Felix

    Ted Felix - 2013-10-09

    The problem is caused by SequenceManager::endMarkerTimeChanged(). It arms a timer which (after .5 seconds) causes a reset of a number of bits and pieces of the SequenceManager. A simple fix is to avoid this when we are recording. But then the metronome stops when it reaches its end. This issue appears to be caused by the metronome living in a segment that is only the length of the composition. Still, it's an improvement, so I'll probably go ahead and commit this change and then have a look at ways to fix the metronome.

  • D. Michael McIntyre

    Sounds good to me.

    The metronome sure is flaky and weird, isn't it?

    I wonder if MetronomeMapper::getSegmentRepeatCount() is the key to anything here. It just returns 1 presently, which is obviously some kind of kludge.

  • Ted Felix

    Ted Felix - 2013-10-15

    r13499 fixes the main bug. Still need to take a look at the related composition expansion issues.

  • Ted Felix

    Ted Felix - 2013-11-14
    • status: open --> closed

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