#1396 Dialog window bug (Ubuntu Studio 12.04.2 and RG 13.06)

Future Release

Dialog window bug:
Track -> view as event list -> insert new event -> SysEx message -> Open data: black text on black background in the dialog window (see attached picture).

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  • D. Michael McIntyre

    1. Draw segment on track 1
    2. Open segment in Event List editor
    3. Edit -> Insert Event
    4. Change data type to "systemexclusive"
    5. Click the "Load data" button toward the bottom

    Result: The style in the resulting file dialog is all messed up, with black everywhere, rendering the dialog useless.

    This bug has likely existed since 10.02, and nobody ever drilled this deep in the layers of nesting before. I certainly never followed this particular route before.

    It needs fixing somehow or other. Style is inherited from parents and so on, and the deeper you go, the more complicated it gets trying to get everything to come out right. I'll have to do some hacking.

  • D. Michael McIntyre

    • assigned_to: D. Michael McIntyre
    • Group: None --> Future Release
    • Priority: 1 --> 9
  • D. Michael McIntyre

    • status: open --> closed
  • D. Michael McIntyre

    Fixed in SVN revision 13353. I tested File -> Open at the top main window level, and tested the dialog that launches off the "Load data" button, which belongs to a dialog under deep layers of style inheritance. Dialogs at both extremes are legible, so I think this is good enough for government work.


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