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0.11 released

This is a quick bug fix release, fixing bug# 928118, "Changing dates broken in step1.jsp" where a user could not reliably change the selected month in the calendar.

Bug was fixed on the 6th, but not released until the 10th due to me being on vacation, sorry folks!

Thanks to Rousse Sylvain for finding the bug and reporting it to me!

Posted by Pål Brattberg 2004-04-10

Bugfix release 0.10 out now

Last time it took me a year to get between versions, this time it took a week to go from 0.09 to the new 0.10! =)

There was a problem with Roomba not respecting the language change that was introduced in 0.09, but that should be taken care of now.

Also, the directory structure of the archives should be much better now, and all Roomba files will unpack in a separate folder as you would expect.

You can download Roomba from here: ... read more

Posted by Pål Brattberg 2004-04-01

New release available!

After more than 1 year since the last release, Roomba 0.09 is now out in the open!

This release contains a bunch of fixes, many of them from a new contributor, Sylvain Rousse. Among the many things Sylvain has done, adding a French translation is perhaps the most visible.
He has also done many improvements in the code, and has removed many possibles sources of errors with better error checking and better date handling. ... read more

Posted by Pål Brattberg 2004-03-24

Roomba-DB 0.08 out now

This is release 0.08 of Roomba-DB and it fixes some previously known bugs (and probably introduces a few new ones!), adds some new features and is the best choice of Roomba so far for all interested parties.

The 'Settings' page has been greatly improved and you can now update a lot more of the settings in the database directly in the application.

We also have a fix for the everlasting connection timeout problem found when using mysql under linux during several days. It's a kludge, but it's there. You are welcome to contribute a superior solution. :) ... read more

Posted by Pål Brattberg 2002-09-24

Roomba-DB 0.07 is here!

If I were just a little bit more 'crazy' I'd name this the 'Bond'-release, since it is version 0.07. But, alas, I'm not blessed with as much wit! ;)

Anyhow, this release comes quickly after 0.06, but I've fixed and altered quite a few things, so I wanted to get them out ASAP.

There are some nice bugfixes in here, and I've hunted down more hardcoded uglyness in the code. (You'd only really notice that if you're using the english version)... read more

Posted by Pål Brattberg 2002-07-03

New release of roomba-db: 0.06

Release Name: 0.06

This i another bug-fix release, fixing problems with the 'Bookings' tab and updating documentation.

* Released as version 0.06, removing the 'beta' prefix.
A release starting with 0 as the major relase is still to be considered beta or alpha software, and should not be thought of as stable in any way.
* Fixed a couple of bugs in bookings/updateBooking.jsp
* Added better check for null'ed connection in DBConnector
* JavaDoc update in Log
* Added docs/CREDITS
* Removed docs/TODO. Refer to trackers at instead
* Updated docs/README

Posted by Pål Brattberg 2002-06-28

Release of roomba-db 1.05 beta

This newest release fo roomba-db fixes the saving of properties by placing them in the database. Please make sure you either just add the new table 'ROOMBASettings' manually, or run the DBSETUP-scripts found in the conf/ directory.

New for this release is also the binary release. This release comes with just the roomba-db.war file for deployment, the DBSETUP-scripts and some documentation files. The binary releases are marked with -bin in the filename.... read more

Posted by Pål Brattberg 2002-05-24

New developer: Paul Boivin

Roomba has recently had the fortune to have another developer join the project. Paul Boivin is joining the Roomba project, and has already contributed to the PropertyHandler, DBConnector and more.

Paul will help out with the Roomba-EJB module in order to make it a reality.

A warm welcome to Paul!

Posted by Pål Brattberg 2002-05-22

New version of roomba-db available!

I have just released beta 1.04 of roomba-db.

This version should fix many troubles that have been along since beta 1.02, notably with PropertyHandler and database access.

All users are encouraged to upgrade to this version. Please not that you may need to run the new DB-SETUP files, but please backup any relevant data first.

Posted by Pål Brattberg 2002-05-15

Finally some english support in roomba-db!

I have just released version Beta 1.01 of roomba-db. Please see the ChangeLog for every fix that it includes.

This is the first version with any english support.

Please note that I have not finished translation of all swedish terms. I still wanted to get this out, since it may still help some of you a great deal.

I'm hoping to get the rest translated ASAP and will release it as soon as I'm done with it.... read more

Posted by Pål Brattberg 2002-03-20

First release of roomba-db

I have just made available a first downloadable release fo the basic version off roomba; roomba-db.

There will be another release shortly that will rid swedish from the sources altogether.

Stay tuned!

Posted by Pål Brattberg 2002-03-05

Join the team of Roomba!

I'm back from my vacation, and I'm rearing to go at it again.

I've had some contact with some of you, and this has led me to believe that this application may have a potentially large userbase.

If you want to be able to affect the development of Roomba, I would suggest that you join the roomba-general mailinglist where discussions are starting about what will be implemented first and what should follow after that etc. ... read more

Posted by Pål Brattberg 2001-08-31

Up and coming 0.2 release, 1.0 plans, J2EE and more

Right now I'm drawing up new plans for a 1.0 release which will be delayed to christmas at the earliest.

I'm also drawing up some guidelines for the following releases, as well as more specifics on what Roomba will/shall support.

I'm currently thinking of whether to release the current 0.1.9-dev version, and turning it into a 0.2 release before dropping it, or if I should just drop it completely and wait for the new J2EE version that I'm planning.... read more

Posted by Pål Brattberg 2001-07-10


Hello there.

Work is rolling on with Roomba, and I and Ida have just made some updates to the GUI, and it's starting to look nice.

I have also updated the homepage for roomba, and it's currently located at

Go on and have a look!

Posted by Pål Brattberg 2001-05-07


If you wonder just what the heck is going on in the CVS Repository, bear with me. I still have lots to learn in this department. : )

Posted by Pål Brattberg 2001-01-15

CVS is here

Work has begun on the source. Check out the CVS.

Posted by Pål Brattberg 2001-01-12

Starting up development

The initial development of Roomba is now taking place. I will soon transfer the files from my current CVS repository to SourceForge.

Posted by Pål Brattberg 2000-12-28