Commit Date  
[r148] (HEAD) by chexum

tweak some links

2007-09-02 12:29:05 Tree
[r147] by chexum

releasing 0.5.2

2007-06-26 17:41:53 Tree
[r146] by chexum

releasing 0.5.2

2007-06-26 17:10:11 Tree
[r145] by chexum

more dead links of mine; should get a new personal site

2007-03-26 05:42:38 Tree
[r144] by chexum

just marked dead links dead

2007-03-26 05:28:15 Tree
[r143] by chexum

refresh some locations

2007-03-25 12:44:27 Tree
[r142] by chexum

minor content updates

2007-03-25 12:36:40 Tree
[r141] by gregungerer

Special device names containing '-' characters are not recognized
proplerly. The scanf string looking for device node names was set
to "@%[-a-zA-Z0-9_+],%c,%d,%d", but according to the sscanf linux
manual page:

The hyphen character - is also
special; when placed between two other characters, it adds all
intervening characters to the set. To include a hyphen, make it
the last character before the final close bracket.

So the '-' character has been moved to the end of that scanf string.

Patch submitted by Claudio Lanconelli <>

2005-08-18 04:50:10 Tree
[r140] by chexum

add a link to romfsck

2004-11-08 14:14:34 Tree
[r139] by chexum

new email

2004-06-21 13:19:25 Tree
[r138] by chexum

bring SnapGear up front, probably the most alive of these :)

2003-07-12 10:21:31 Tree
[r137] by chexum

replace "for Linux" with "originally for Linux", to ease some BSD aversion, is still hopeless, try to give some real contact

2003-07-12 10:05:59 Tree
[r136] by chexum

no alive machine for 0.3 now, do not break xhtml

2003-06-14 19:16:58 Tree
[r135] by chexum

revisit mirrors

2003-06-01 14:35:53 Tree
[r134] by gregungerer

Modify the regular expression of allowed characters in a special
node device name. Now also allows "+", "-" and "_".

2003-05-06 06:35:12 Tree
[r133] by chexum

some small link-correction visit

2002-12-19 13:44:27 Tree
[r132] by chexum

expand lxr

2002-07-10 08:01:36 Tree
[r131] by chexum

mirrors live again

2002-05-10 12:43:15 Tree
[r130] by chexum

* genromfs.c: romfs_checksum(); avoid potential side effects of an
ntohl() macro; processdir(): don't readdir() on NULLs.
Thanks to Ilguiz Latypov.

2002-04-30 13:27:55 Tree
[r129] by chexum

no border in xhtml, use css, leave ns4.x broken

2002-04-25 12:21:28 Tree
[r128] by chexum


2002-04-25 12:07:37 Tree
[r127] by chexum

google correction

2002-04-12 21:32:27 Tree
[r126] by chexum

use full DTD path for xhtml

2002-04-04 00:08:36 Tree
[r125] by chexum

no more telia?

2002-03-13 11:18:33 Tree
[r124] by chexum


2002-03-13 11:18:07 Tree
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