nested fields

  • Fabiana Bugli

    Fabiana Bugli - 2012-01-30

    Hi, I need to show on the result table a column with a nested field,
    I have a foreign key object on my entity and I want to show on the table the id field of that object,
    is it possible?
    Thank you

  • Luca Molino

    Luca Molino - 2012-01-30

    Yes it's possible but the way to do it depends on what object you are rendering as a table.

    In Roma if you render a Collection as a table every field that has a getter will be rendered so you just need to add a getter in your object. All object return values will be rendered as string using the toString().

    List<MyObject> table;

    public class MyObject{
        public String getFirstString(){
             return "test1";
        public String getFK(){
             return fkString;
    // OR
    public Object getFK(){
             // If not loaded code to load your object
             return fk;

  • Fabiana Bugli

    Fabiana Bugli - 2012-01-30

    Ok, so when I need to show a nested field I will implement the getter and setter methods,
    thank you.


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