Persistence via JPA

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    in Roma framework, I'd like to grant the persistence via JPA. Is there a way to use JPA instead of JDO? And if so, is it transparent to the developer just as JDO-compliance is?
    In the Basic Tutorial, at,
    I found the claim that "community is developing: persistence-jpa ..." module. Any further information about this? (I've found no references about it on the web...)
    Marcello Bologna

    • Luca Garulli

      Luca Garulli - 2008-02-14

      Hi Marcello,
      Paolo is developing the JPA module but it's not ready to be released. You should wait a little bit more.

      Luca Garulli

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi Luca, I'm working with mysql and roma but I can't do work together, You know if with the module JPA I can resolver the my problems,

    Thanks for your time.

  • Luca Garulli

    Luca Garulli - 2010-07-12

    what kind of problem do you have?


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