can't add contact with same lastname

  • Hielke Christian Braun


    subject says it all. If i already have a contact with the same
    lastname in the directory, i can't add another entry with
    the same lastname. Is this normal? Did i configure something
    wrong? Otherwise rolodap work really great! I use
    version 1.0.


    • Gregg Burton

      Gregg Burton - 2003-04-12

      The problem is that you did not create the roloplastuid record.  Without that record, every uid in the contacts directory is appended with the number "1" so you have:
      and when you try to create another "Smith" rolodap attempts to create another uid for "Smith1" and faults.

      With the roloplastuid record, uids are named:
      so that even two entries with the same last name will have unique uids.

      The roloplastuid record should have been created if you imported the sample ldif (though it somehow didn't in mine, but I did it piecemeal so I don't know how widespread this issue is.)  To create it, create an ldif file called ldiffilename (or whatever) that contains the  following:

      dn: cn=roloaplastuid,
      objectclass: top
      objectclass: rolodapadmin
      cn: rolodaplastuid
      rolodaplastuid : 0

      Import it with the following command:
      ldapadd -f ldiffilename -xv -h ldapserver -D "cn=manager," -w password

      where ldiffilename is whatever you named the ldif file from above; ldapserver is you server's ip (localhost will usually work); is your base DN; and password is the manager password.

      "gregg_burton"  + at + ""


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