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  • David Leigh

    David Leigh - 2000-06-02

    Greetings.  A few months ago, I put together a perl cgi frontend to a LDAP server in order to make my household's address book available via LDAP, and I have recently created the ldap-abook project to make this code available to others.  Clearly there is some significant overlap between ldap-abook and rolodap, and I am very interested in seeing what rolodap looks like as it takes shape.  In the meantime, I offer ldap-abook as something to look at, use, appreciate, critisize, steal from, or ignore.  Perhaps someday the two projects can be merged...

    FYI:  I have put a link on the ldap-abook home page (http://ldap-abook.sourceforge.net) pointing to the rolodap home page because those interested in one may also be interested in the other.

    David Leigh

    • John Lederer

      John Lederer - 2000-06-03

      This looks very interesting and I am sorry we were not more aware of it when we started.

      Could we talk you into contributing to Rolodap?  Abook would provide a great start.


      • David Leigh

        David Leigh - 2000-06-05

        > Could we talk you into contributing to Rolodap? Abook would provide a > great start.

        I'd be happy to help where I can, provided that you have no problem with the possibility of some ideas from rolodap finding their way into ldap-abook.

    • John Lederer

      John Lederer - 2000-06-12

      I saw this about a year ago, and asked the author if he would open source it.  It is a simple but nice looking ldap contacts application.


      It might provide good code to work from.  Thanks to the author

    • mamatha.b

      mamatha.b - 2003-05-21

      i encountered the following error while configuring web based ldap address book with rolodap.
          add objectclass
          add o:
         adding a new entry :"o=   ,c=US"
         ldap_add :Insufficient access
      please post some solution to this error.
      post to mamatha_gu_pra@yahoo.co.in
           thank you


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