PHP code displays in login screen

  • Gabe Gagliano

    Gabe Gagliano - 2003-03-11

    When trying to install rolodap, I was able to get the openldap server setup and I was able to load data.  I am able to look at the server with a LDAP GUI client so I know openldap is functioning properly.  When I go to the rolodap login page, I get the following error:
    \n"; if (file_exists ($emailerrorfilename)) { // let them know echo "\n"; } $testdate = date("Ymdhi")."Z"; //jsErrorBox ("$testdate"); ?>
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: readconfig() in /var/www/html/rolodap-v1/auth.phtml on line 5

    Originally, I was getting the login button with two fields and lots of PHP code dumped to the screen but then I added the following lines to my httpd.conf file and the above resulted:
    AddType application/x-httpd-php .php
    AddType application/x-httpd-php .phtml

    I also have enabled php globals.  Any ideas what could be wrong?


    • Maarten Nooter

      Maarten Nooter - 2003-04-10


      I have the exact same error. Just checked auth.phtml: the function is readconfig ($CONFIGFILENAME); and it looks like $CONFIGFILENAME is empty at this point.

      I'm far from a PHP guru, can just add that header.phtml contains:

      global $CONFIGFILENAME;
      $CONFIGFILENAME = "/etc/rolodap.conf";

      which looks OK to me...

      Sorry no solution yet :-(


    • David Rose

      David Rose - 2003-05-01


      I just ran into this too, and fixed it by setting:

        short_open_tag = On

      in my system php.ini file.


    • Bob Ambroso

      Bob Ambroso - 2003-07-07

      Check directory permissions.
      I had the same problems and I did all of the qabove things mentioned but It failed. I adjusted permissions and all is well..

    • Ben Dugdale

      Ben Dugdale - 2003-11-02

      Server version: Apache/2.0.40

      Apache was not parsing the .phtml extentions on my setup.  I had to add this to my /etc/httpd/conf.d/php.conf

      <Files *.phtml >
          SetOutputFilter PHP
          SetInputFilter PHP
          LimitRequestBody 524288

      Older versions of Apache (I have seen) had similar functionality built into httpd.conf, though the syntax is diffenent.


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