Problem with Books - Entries not showing up

  • Anonymous - 2003-05-09

    Hi there!
    I got Rolodap (v1) running.
    I use RedHat 7.3 with Openldap 2.0
    Everything works quite good. I can add contacts, and I can see them when I access with an ldap-client (MacOsX and WinXP).
    But I seem to have problems adding those entries to any "book". I don't get an errormesage, but when I access the ldap with ldapbrowser (a java client) I see that the cn=firmwide is empty. the ou=books is also empty.
    How should a proper entry for the uid=Hartmann1 (my demo entry) look like (preferable in ldif-format)

    • Wolfgang Draskovic


      simelar problem here, but I can't see any of the books in the ldap database. They seem to be just mentioned in the memberof field of the rolodapContact itself. I can see and choose them in the library but I can't add users to a book.
      It seems that rolodap tries to add the books under contacts and not under books (I think it should do it there).

      No time to get deeper in the code now, but I would be grateful for any hints.



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