Rolodap Update

  • John Lederer

    John Lederer - 2004-10-13

    Rolodap is an excellent and popular program, but development has been moribund because we have lost the active participation of some of the original people -- new jobs, kids, moves, etc.

    We are starting a revitalization. We need help.  Please let us know if you are willing to help a little -- developers, schema modification, doc writers, testers, commenters, -- we need them all.

    • John Lederer

      John Lederer - 2004-10-13

      If you have working schema/config compatible with openLDAP2.x will you please contact me?


    • leocaro

      leocaro - 2004-10-13

      I would like to help. I do not have experience programming with php. I do use rolodap and I am familiar with LDAP. I have done programming in perl, C, and regular scripting.

      • John Lederer

        John Lederer - 2004-10-14


        Thanks for the help!.

        So far, as a start, we need to get Rolodap working with openLDAP 2.x. These are some of the problems. I probably don't have them all, but this will help us get started:

        1) The schema conflicts with the schema in openLDAP 2.x, and there may be advantages to standardizing on some fo the attributes with other similar projects,
        2) There are some config problems
        3) There are a few persistent bugs -- some of which are really just documentation bugs.
        4) Documentation sucks
        5) I am not sure if it is 100% compatible/takes advantage of  current PHP.
        6) Need a demo site and revamp of web page

        Number 1 seems to be the major problem.   From looking at the messages, I gather we have a conflict in some of the schema attributes in Rolodap with some of the new standard ones in openLDAP. 

        I have started a mailing list called rolodap-develop -- the sourceforge software tells me this list should be active in 6-24 hours.  As soon as it is active, it would be great if you would subscribe, and we can try to have some discussion about what needs to be done.

        • leocaro

          leocaro - 2004-10-15

          I will subcribe to the list.

          Also, in the meantime I will start seting up a system to start looking at the schema conflicts with openLDAP 2.x.
          It has been a long time that I do not look at the installation, configuration and code of Rolodap and LDAP so be patient with me on this.
          I guessing any distribution I used will be fine as long as it use openLDAP 2.x.
          I do have at home RHEL AS, Fedora 2 and RedHat 9.

    • K Barter

      K Barter - 2004-10-14

      I do have a working setup using openldap 2.1.30.  The bad thing is, I did not document what I did to make it work.  What files do you need to see?  slapd.conf plus the contents of the schema directory?



      • leocaro

        leocaro - 2004-10-16


        Can you send those files to (slapd.conf plus the contents of the schema directory)?

        I am in the process to set rolodap in openldap 2.x and it will be nice to have them.


        • John Lederer

          John Lederer - 2004-10-16


          If you will send me your email address I will email the file Kevin was kind enough to send to you.  Appraently the mail system at sourceforge will not pass attachments.

          My direct email address is john -- use

    • Julian Parker

      Julian Parker - 2004-10-14

      I'll help if I can, I have no real programming expertise as such but would like to help, perhaps with documentation and possible testing.

      I tried using rolodap before but could never get it going, it would be nice to see the project revitalised.


      • John Lederer

        John Lederer - 2004-10-14


        That would be great. One of the places where rolodap has not been up to par has been in the documentation, and in testing with people that are not LDAP wizards.. For instance, the most common problem in getting it going has been a simple userid/password problem -- missing documentation.

        Could you subscribe to the rolodap-develop lists (there is a link on the sourceforge web page for rolodap)?  We will use that for details on getting the effort underway.

        • Julian Parker

          Julian Parker - 2004-10-14

          I have subscribed to the devel list.

          I would put myself in the non LDAP wizard category but have written a small number of technical documents aimed at the "newbie" so hope I can assist. I would also be able to try the installations on other linux distributions if this helps.


    • John Lederer

      John Lederer - 2004-10-14


      I sent you a seaparate email on sending the files.  Very much appreciated!


    • Adam Haeder

      Adam Haeder - 2004-10-15

      Hello. I used to maintain a rolodap howto. I haven't used rolodap for a while, but the howto might still be useful as a template for a new one.
      You can view it here:

    • leocaro

      leocaro - 2004-10-15

      I subcribed to the roloda-devel list
      By the way my name is caro...leo is my second half :-)

    • William

      William - 2007-05-19

      I has been a while since anyone has posted here, just wondering if any updates have been done and if i can help out in any way?


    • MAH

      MAH - 2008-01-23

      I played around with v0.8 about 7 years ago, and just grabbed the v1.0 code and ... it needs a bit of work!  Is anyone still using Roldap?  Anyone tried it and given up but still looking for an LDAP solution like Rolodap?  If so I might try and clean up the code and get it to install cleanly first time on a modern PHP/openldap configuration.

      Apart from the register_globals issue, there's a few typos on variable names, the schema needs altering and the codebase could do with overhauling.



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